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We believe that the topic of literary censorship is highly relevant and important at this moment in time. Around the world many nations, institutions, and movements restrict access to written material for a wide variety of reasons. Our museum explores the thin lines and grey areas in each one of these cases by presenting the stories of restricted books and engaging the public in a dialogue about the free exchange of ideas.

Our goal is to study the phenomenon of free speech. We do not take a political stance, but rather we enable the public to learn about the topic for themselves by telling stories, educating about history, and providing free access to relevant research and journalistic material.


It's all about preserving books and liberating people.

The impact we create with our experience is as transcending as our books are concrete and physical. We aim to expand and develop consciousness as a whole by starting on the individual level. We do this through our museum, events, discussion groups, bookclub, podcast, and educational programme.


We dream of a world in which people can freely share, challenge, and refine their ideas.

The value and skill of self expression strengthens the public and makes it more robust against outside influence. If there is one country that understands the importance of this freedom and has experienced what it takes, it is Estonia. Our initiative will continue this journey and help others along the way.