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A few words about us

We are a museum in the Old-Town of Tallinn that specializes in censorship and promotes the free exchange of ideas. Our collection holds over one-hundred different books that are/were banned all over the world. We classify our books by country (UK, Estonia, Russia, China), but we also have sections about books that were burned, children’s books, and on the topic of censorship.

We started the museum because we want to preserve ideas, conversations, discussions, and thoughts. Books play a very important role in this. They represent a direct connection to the mind of author, and the crystalized ideas they deemed worthy of sharing. 

Our corner of the world ensures that people can continue to progress by being able to freely share, challenge, and refine their ideas. We do this through our events, discussion groups, bookclub, podcasts, and more. 


It's all about preserving books and liberating people.

The impact we create with our experience is as transcending as our books are concrete and physical. We aim to expand and develop consciousness as a whole by starting on the individual level. We do this through our museum, events, discussion groups, bookclub, podcast, and educational programme.


We dream of a world in which people can freely share, challenge, and refine their ideas.

The value and skill of self expression strengthens the public and makes it more robust against outside influence. If there is one country that understands the importance of this freedom and has experienced what it takes, it is Estonia. Our initiative will continue this journey and help others along the way.