'I can guarantee freedom of speech, but not necessarily freedom after speech' - Idi Amin

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Banned Voices podcast – Episode #1

The first episode of our bi-weekly podcast series Banned Voices is available now! Our first guest is Latvian author Santa Remere, who discusses her 2020 …

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about us

Our aim is to collect and preserve censored books and promote the freedom of exchange of ideas.

The museum is a cultural hot-spot in the old-town of Tallinn for people interested in freedom of expression. The collection holds over one-hundred books that are/were banned all over the world. At the location we host events, bookclubs, and interviews. 

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Join our Banned Books community and become an ally for freedom of speech! In addition to helping support us on our mission, you’ll gain access to a biweekly podcast, a monthly book club and the chance to have meaningful discussions with other members of the community.

The Collection

Our latest sections viewable in the store.

Censorship in general.

At the centre of the books store we present books written about freedom of expression and censorship. 

Censored books all over the world.

Our books are organized by country. Currently we have books from: Estonia, Russia, UK, USA, and China. 

Burned books.

Over the red arch we present books that were burned in historical book burnings. These are accompanied by various pictures.